Mimosas in Texas

Back at it – Updates & Happenings

SO, I took a couple few of months to myself.

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything recently, and well, that’s because I’ve been doing the things I love to do! The past few months have been filled with visiting with friends, going back to my Alma Matter, traveling to Tennessee to see my family, some house projects, raising our crazy puppy, starting new workout programs, and working hard at my job – which I love. All things that take time, and require all of my attention. So, blogging about those things has kind of taken a back seat.

BUT I now have so much to write about and to share with you! Over the next few weeks I will have lots of fun home project posts (we finally got our countertops and backsplash YAY), fitness updates and information to share, and I hope that you enjoy all of it! Here’s a start:


In September

we went to Smith Mountain Lake for our annual Labor Day Weekend trip. It was a beautiful weekend full of laughter, tears, and flip cup. We coined a new phrase for what happens when we all get together after not seeing each other after so long: “Tears and Tequila.” Once we got the sentimental catching up out of the way, the weekend was great and we had a fun time boating and hanging out. It was also fun to have a bunch of added puppies this year!

Then we went up to DC for Matt and Alex’s wedding. It was GORGEOUS and we had a great time dancing the night away in celebration of some great friends!

The rest of September was really spent relaxing. We did a lot of small home improvement things like replacing some ceiling fans, putting the french doors in the sunroom and some yard work. Yard work is literally so easy to underestimate as both a task and a workout – happy we don’t have to do it in the winter months!

In October

I started off with another round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I was loving the harder program, feeling good and getting excited for the fun month ahead that I had planned.


Mid-October I was all set to fly to Houston to see one of my best friends, I knew the trip would include lots of indulging in delicious mexican food, and consuming lots of wine and whiskey.

It did, and it was so so so much fun. But the last day I was there I started feeling like death. I had an awful migraine that I thought was a result of a weekend of drinking and having an allergic reaction to Kelsey’s cats (who I could not resist petting), but in reality it was a nasty viral infection that resulted in me having to fly from Houston to Richmond with a 102 fever. It sucked. I realized that the Houston trip was the longest I’d gone before without drinking my Shakeology. Coincidence? IDK but I DO know that I won’t be leaving it behind on trips anymore.

Then Goodman and  I had my cousins wedding in Tennessee the following weekend. Their wedding was beautiful, and it was so great to see family after so long.

Kendra & Lia's Wedding
Kendra & Lia’s Wedding Reception

It was also June’s first long road trip! She did great, and even had some remarks on Goodman’s driving as you can see in my snap story.

The weekend after that I had planned to stay with friends and go to JMU’s Homecoming game. The weather was beautiful, I got to see and hug so many old friends and meet some new ones!
I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to go to a JMU Homecoming game after graduation, and definitely won’t be missing any in the future. My friends and I already have a list of things to do next year that we learned lessons about this year. Hint: get a dang hotel room, bring two outfits depending on the weather, and make sure that you get to the parking lot before the officer randomly decides it’s too full (even when you have a reserved parking spot).


JMU Homecoming
JMU Homecoming Tailgate

It was a very busy month, and full of so much fun and seeing lots of friends, but it was also really stressful and totally knocked me off of my normal schedule: Sunday grocery store trip and meal prepping, working out in the mornings before work and around lunchtime on the weekends, and drinking my Shakeology for breakfast every morning. I felt WAY off track and like I needed to reset.


So, naturally, Beachbody has a cure for that with this thing called the 3 Day Refresh. It’s a cleansing program, and I tried it! I survived all three days. You can read about what happened and how hangry I got here!


November and December

were filled with lots of great food, a 5k with my friends, a new workout program that I am in LOVE with (Shout out Core De Force!), finally getting our kitchen finished (blog post to come!) and Goodman and I planning and purchasing our first trip to EUROPE! 2017 is set to be an amazing year!!! Stay tuned!

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