I’m Kristen Duke – A newlywed, dog mom, and more recently a first-time homeowner in Richmond, Va.

My husband and I got married in June of 2015, and we thought it’d be fun to attend a first-time homebuyers seminar a couple of months afterward. Fast forward to five months later and we were signing the (one million) papers for our first home together!

Goodman, my husband, is a General Contractor, and I’m a User Experience Strategist at a local digital agency. (That basically just means that I show businesses the best way to design a website based on the people that use it.)

We always knew that we wanted to buy a little bit of a fixer upper (shoutout to Joanna Gaines – You are my hero) because with our professional skill sets I would be able to design something functional and pretty and Goodman would be able to build it. So, we found a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath colonial with a great big backyard, and we fell in love.

Now, we are living our dream and fixing up each room one project at a time. (Okay, more like 15 projects at a time, but it’s happening.) Slowly but surely, I know that our new home will become what we want it to become. Right now, it’s An Aspiring Abode.

My hope is that by sharing the fun projects that make up each room you can learn from the ones that work, and more importantly, from the ones that don’t!

So, friends, I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of our pursuit of happiness through home and health!

If you’d like to learn more about our house and were we started, read the “We bought a house [and here’s how we did it]” post!



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