Projects Underway: April

So, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since a last published a post! I’ve planned to post something every week, BUT sometimes projects don’t go as planned and that messes up theĀ schedule a little bit. Also, we have this problem with getting really excited about one project and putting the others on hold. Hopefully we can get a grip on that soon šŸ™‚

I thought I’d give an update on where we are and what you can expect to see, soon! Here’s what we have going on right now:

PROJECT UNDERWAY: Back Deck Makeover


  • This one got bumped up because I want it to be ready when the nice weather comes back!
  • We are fixing/replacing some boards on the deck and reinforcing the structure
  • Making an outdoor sectional sofa for around our fire pit
  • Painting/refinishing the deck “Cape Cod Gray”
  • Putting lights up
  • Replacing the back door

So, there’s quite a bit more to do out there than I originally expected, but like I said, I want this one done ASAP so I can soak up the sun with my pup.



  • We’ve been working on this one forever and are alllllllmost finished
  • We’ve already built the structure
  • Put in the electrical
  • Stained the butcher block top
  • PurchasedĀ the bar stools
  • PurchasedĀ the microwave
  • Still need to put the doors and shelves on/in
  • and paint them so that I can make the Kitchen Island blog post for you all!



  • We started this one two weeks ago thinking Ā we could finish in two days.
  • Turns out, the previous owner really liked to repaint the front door – there were layers of black, red, purple, green, light green, and white that we ended up having to strip off.
  • We’re adding some greenery
  • Adding some fresh color
  • Changing up the door hardware
  • Adding new light figures
  • and some other unique touches to warm up the entrance
  • Stay tuned! Almost finished with this one, too.

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