You gotta love a good thrift store

I was sitting at my desk today making a list of all the things I needed to start looking for to make our master bedroom pretty.

Here’s the list I came up with:

  • White down comforter
  • Pretty comforter (teal color) for top layer
  • Gray throw
  • Decorative Pillows
  • Faux long floral stems
  • Large glass vase (try to match color of comforter)
  • Wall decor
  • Jewelry box or stand
  • Four picture frames for vintage floral prints
  • Items to stage nightstands
    • books
    • flowers and vases
    • orbs?
    • trays

I thought it might be easier to find some of these things at a thrift store, so I wanted to see if there was one near me that I could go to on my lunch break or after work.

Google Maps told me that there was this little place just about six minutes away, so I decided to go on my lunch break. I am SO happy that I did! It was so cute! classandtrash2

Class and Trash was it’s name and it did not disappoint. So many cute vintage rustic items filled every corner. They had lots of cute little (and very large) metal signs and letters, chairs, and random things made from iron. I got really happy and had to stop myself from stealing the tags off of everything and claiming them as mine.





When I left I had gotten some pretty darn cute stuff and was able to cross a few things off of the list. You can see them below:


Iron “Welcome” Sign with Lab: $6, Glass knobs (I’ll use these to replace the modern ones on our nightstands): $4.50 each, Iron Letter D: $12, Large White Wall Decor Faux Windows: $24 Each,

Gotta love finding a good thrift store! I’ll definitely be back.


3 thoughts on “You gotta love a good thrift store

  1. I agree Kristen. You are guaranteed a bargain but also your home will be full of pieces that no one else has.


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